Chimamanda Adichie in Amsterdam – foto’s

Geplaatst: 28/02/2014 in fotobericht
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Writer Chimamanda Adichie (who we all know from her Ted Talk ‘The danger of a single story’) visited Amsterdam on the 21st of February.  She was in the city to present her book Americanah. The pictures are from the reading and the book signing. The event  (organised by the John Adams Institute) took place in the Posthoornkerk, a beautiful old church, and as usual the lighting was not so good to take pictures. But as you can see, the radiant smiles of the ladies on the last picture gave so much light, the whole church lit up. 

1.meeting Chimanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam-photo Usha Marhé

2.meeting Chimanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam-photo Usha Marhé

7.meetingChimanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam--photoUsha Marhé

4.meeting Chimamanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam-photo Usha Marhé

3.meeting Chimamanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam-photo Usha Marhé

6.meeting Chimamanda Adichie-21022014-Amsterdam-photo Usha Marhé

5.meeting with Chimamanda Adichie-Amsterdam-21022014-photo Usha Marhé

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